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How to make your own BBQ sauce – with no-nonsense step-by-step instructions

You may think you know how to make a great BBQ sauce, but there are a few things you need to know about it before you even get started.Read moreWhat is barbecue sauce?Barbecue sauce is a blend of spices...

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BBQ food and drink in the UK – the numbers and facts

Woodys barbecue food and drinks in the United Kingdom has become a big drawcard for British visitors.The latest numbers from the British Barbecue Association (BBA) show the restaurant has earned more than £1.8bn for the UK since opening in...

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When a BBQ is pulled and grilled, what happens next?

Pulled barbecue is the traditional name for the barbecue cooked on charcoal.It is served over wood or wood-grilled meat, but is also available as a pulled chicken, pulled pork or pulled turkey.BBQ chicken is also a traditional BBQ dish.This...

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