I’m so stoked that a restaurant in my hometown is opening a restaurant called Hecky’s Barbecue in my town

Sonny Bunch is going to be hella delicious.

If you’re not familiar with the restaurant, they make their own barbecue and also have a barbecue stand.

Sonny and his wife are currently opening a new restaurant in his hometown of Houston, Texas, called Heckys Barbecue. 

Sonny said they are looking to open in early April and have plans to have the restaurant open by the end of April.

He said he was inspired by the fact that he has lived in Houston since 2004. 

“Houston is one of my favorite places in the world to live,” Sonny said. 

His wife is an art history major, and he is also a major in business and business management. 

The restaurant is also named after Sonny’s friend who was also named Heckys. 

Here’s the opening menu: