How to stop smoking marijuana in a bar and restaurant

When it comes to smoking pot, it’s not just about the THC.

When you have a joint or two in your mouth, it can be a bit more than that.

Here are the basics of how to stop it before it gets out of control.


Stop it before you smoke It’s best to stop drinking, eating and doing other activities before you start smoking, as smoking can cause you to become more intoxicated.

To prevent that, it helps to drink a lot before you go out, as this will allow you to get enough of the drug to keep your mind off the effects.


Drink before you open the door The same principle applies to smoking, but it’s important to be careful when opening the door.

If you’re drinking before you’re even inside, you may be smoking before you’ve even taken a bite.

In order to stop you from getting a big hit, try to have a glass or two of water on hand and to take a small amount of food with you.


Leave a note It’s important that you leave a note with the person you’re smoking with, in order to get the other person to stop and go to the bathroom, or to call a taxi.

If it’s a close-knit group, it might be best to leave a message, but if it’s just you and the person in front of you, it may not be worth doing it. 4.

Check it out and check the bag It’s not the first time you’ve tried smoking weed, so don’t be afraid to ask around, but the first step is to check it out.

Be very careful when you get into a bar, because people can get really into the idea of it.

Be prepared to ask for help, or just leave the joint alone if you’re not ready.


Be cautious about what you smoke and when you smoke it It’s perfectly acceptable to smoke a joint and then leave it alone, but smoking marijuana before drinking is not the best idea.

If the drug gets into your system too quickly, you could end up with a heart attack.

If a joint has gotten into your throat, take a deep breath and stop smoking immediately.

If your heart stops, get a heart monitor and try to stop the drug.

If that doesn’t work, call 999.


Be careful about your surroundings There are people around you that you should be very wary of, especially if you’ve just smoked a joint.

Always check around the corners, where there are people smoking and people drinking, and avoid areas where there’s a lot of smoke.

There are a number of places where you can go and check for smoke, including your neighbour’s, your boss, a police officer or your partner.


Don’t go too fast There’s no need to rush, as it’s very unlikely that you’ll end up in hospital, but do not be tempted to take any risks.

Keep your head down and don’t try to make yourself look like a bad person.

If anyone approaches you or gets too close, keep a distance of around 30 metres.


Get your dose on time Get your weed as soon as you can.

The first dose will only last for a few hours, so make sure you get it when you do.

Make sure you leave your bag with your bud and a note explaining where you bought it.

If there’s no one around, you might want to take some photos to document your progress.


Keep an eye on your wallet The most important thing you need to keep in mind when you buy weed is how much it costs, as you could be facing serious financial problems with no money in the bank.

The more you smoke, the more expensive it will get, and that could put you out of pocket even more.

Be mindful of how much money you spend on weed, as many people who are buying it are doing so because they want to make a quick buck, and not because they’ve got the money to live on.

It’s a very good idea to get a bank statement to prove your purchase, as if it doesn’t exist, there is no money.


Do not buy weed if you are homeless or are in a vulnerable position If you need money, buy it in a safe place.

If an acquaintance of yours is homeless or vulnerable, then it’s better to buy it with them, or else you’ll be breaking the law.


Know your neighbours If you see a large group of people smoking or drinking, be aware that they could be involved in something illegal.

If they are, get out of the area, and call 999 if you need help.


Take a photo of your joints It’s OK to take photos of your joint, but don’t share them with anyone else.


Don´t smoke around your child It’s absolutely illegal to smoke around a child, even if they’re in your home, even though it’s perfectly legal to do

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