New barbecue sauce from the Carolina Panthers is a hit!

The Carolina Panthers are getting a barbecue sauce for their upcoming game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The team has been using a sauce made by the Carolina BBQ Association, but it’s been a hit with fans.

Fans have posted photos on Instagram of their own barbecue sauce.

Panthers fans have been using the Carolina barbecue sauce to make their own sauces for several years now, and the team has used it for a few other games.

Now the Panthers are finally getting the barbecue sauce they’ve been looking for.

This is the first time that a Carolina Panthers team has gotten the same kind of sauce from an independent company.

The Panthers will also be using the same sauce in their home game against Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Fans will be able to buy a few more of the Carolina’s BBQ sauces on Sunday, and if you’re not familiar with Carolina BBQ, it’s basically a hot sauce made from a mix of Carolina BBQ and BBQ seasoning.

The Carolina BBQ sauce is a little bit of a mystery.

The company’s website says that it’s made with Carolina beef, but fans have also spotted hints of chicken, pork, and beef.

There is no word on whether this sauce is made with beef, pork or chicken.

This sauce is very tasty.

We love it.

Fans of the Panthers have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and now they finally get it.

This new sauce from Carolina is a blast.

#Panthers — Aaron Davis (@AaronDavis_DMN) October 29, 2017The Carolina BBQ Sauce was one of the most anticipated Carolina products from last year’s NFL Draft.

Fans were excited to finally get something that was going to make them feel like they won the Super Bowl.

Fans are now eager to get their hands on this new product.

Fans can pre-order the Carolina Carolina BBQ Chicken Sauce at their local Carolina BBQ shop.

The sauce is available in a number of flavors, including chili, beef, beef brisket, and chicken.

Fans looking for more Carolina BBQ sauces can also find a list of other Carolina BBQ products on their team’s official website.

Carolina Panthers fans can get their first look at this new sauce on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

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