‘Ray of Hope’: The future of VR is here

Polygon is excited to announce the launch of Ray of Hope, the next-generation of VR gaming.

Ray of the Hope, a new game from developer Artefacts Entertainment, will bring to life the legendary classic shooter Rayman and other iconic characters from Nintendo’s classic series.

The game features four new playable characters, including the titular ray, who has to fight off waves of ghosts to save his friends from a series of terrifying enemies.

These include the infamous Dark Ray, a ghost that is capable of inflicting massive damage and an energy wave that can destroy enemies.

It’s also the first Ray of hope to use a custom particle system to render realistic particle effects, a feature Rayman has never before seen.

“Ray of the Way has been a staple of Nintendo’s beloved franchise for over 25 years.

And this is only the first wave of games to be created for Rayman,” said John Rauch, Senior Director of Platforms and Products at Nintendo of America.

“We’re so happy to be able to finally give the game a real release, and look forward to seeing what Ray ofHope brings to the platform.”

Ray of hope will release in March for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

For more on Ray of Way, check out Polygon’s extensive preview.

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