Why I love BBQ chicken legs recipe: woodys barbecue

Chicken legs are my favorite part of this recipe because of the soft and juicy meat.

I think that meat is the most delicious part of the dish.

In addition to the softness, they are incredibly easy to cook.

I am always on the hunt for new recipes that are easy to make and easy to eat.

These chicken legs are a perfect example of how easy they can be to make.

You can make them in the oven in a slow cooker.

The best part about them is that they are also great as a side dish.

You could also freeze the chicken legs for future use.

You might even consider using them as a topping for rice dishes.

Chicken legs can be used for many different dishes.

For this chicken leg recipe, I decided to go with chicken thighs.

They are delicious and easy enough to make for a number of different meals.

They can be served as a main dish, as a sandwich, or on their own as a dipping sauce.

If you are not looking for an easy recipe to make, I have other BBQ chicken recipes you might enjoy.

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