‘Frog’ says he’s not a ‘rogue’ and has a strong sense of justice

Fritos are the most popular snack food in India and they are considered one of the most healthy foods in the world.

The Indian government wants to introduce the new fritters, which will be called ‘Frisco Fritters’ to promote healthy eating habits.

Frits, which are made with a special sugar-based dough and rolled in butter, are also widely consumed by Indians as a snack food.

But some people have taken offence to the new snacks, calling them ‘rogues’ and ‘foolish’ and saying they will undermine the country’s food safety system.

Fries are popular in the western part of the country, especially in India, and people in Kerala, the southernmost state in India’s north-east, have been complaining about them for years.

A new petition against the new snack has gone viral on social media, gaining more than 10,000 signatures in the past two days.

The petition, titled “Frog, eat a frog, you’re a fool”, was launched on Wednesday by a group of social media users.

The signatories include a number of prominent people, including former Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, former Indian Railways chief Sudhir Mishra and former Chief Minister of Karnataka P. Jayalalithaa.

The people who signed the petition say that they do not believe that fritter should be a ‘guilty’ or ‘criminal’ food.

They also say that the people who have opposed the frittering of frits should also be called rogues.

The new frito is being proposed as a way of promoting healthier eating habits in India.

The government has been looking for ways to promote healthier eating in the country.

Earlier this month, the government decided to launch a new ‘franchising’ scheme for small businesses, in which they will get a discount on the purchase of food products.

However, the new scheme has not been rolled out in a big way yet.

In an effort to promote fritting in India to the rest of the world, the Indian government is inviting a few international companies to take part in the promotion scheme.

The aim of the campaign is to create awareness and foster the development of frito eating habits across the world and also to raise funds for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), which is trying to promote safe food for consumers in India through its Food Safety Promotion Programme.

The Frito Fritter Campaign is expected to launch in 2017.

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