How a man in a truck drove his barbecue restaurant to fame

A man who turned his truck into a restaurant in the UK has been rewarded with an award from the British Truck Museum for his passion for barbecue.

Sonny McInnes set up his restaurant, Olde Bogan, in his garage in Northampton, in 2012.

The truck was the brainchild of his parents, who used to pick up the family car at the back of a house and bring their own food to the house for dinner.

“I remember driving the family’s car from Northampton all the way to Cambridge and then up to the big London station,” he told TechRadars.

Sonnie’s son, who runs the restaurant, said he was initially inspired by the “traditional British barbecue” that he enjoyed eating in his family home.

Sonntons father, John McInnis, said the restaurant was started after his son, aged eight, started eating at the roadside barbecue joint in London and realised he liked the food and had “never had a chance to try it”.

“I was surprised, but he kept asking for more, so I decided to do something bigger and better,” he said.

Sonnys father was also inspired by his son’s passion for eating at roadside food venues.

“He loves his family’s food and loves being able to put his family and friends out of work because of it,” he added.

Sonns father also took a “hands on” approach to the business, which included buying the restaurant and setting up the kitchen.

“Sonny has always loved cooking and wanted to learn how to do it, so he started with the kitchen, which he now calls his workshop,” said his son.

Sonnet also set up the barbecuing station.

“It’s a simple, but elegant, concept,” said Mr McInne.

“With a few things I think it’s going to be a hit.”

My son is a great cook and he knows how to cook his food to perfection, so it’s definitely going to sell well.

“Sonnies son said the barbecue station has sold out of his familys favourites.

Sonne said his father is currently in France for a few months, but will return to the UK in the coming months.

Sonner’s barbecue station is located on the site of a former tobacco factory in Northamptons farm in Northumberland.

Sonney McInns father is also in France with his wife, who owns the factory.

Sonndos son said he had been working on a restaurant project in France and that it was only now that he realised the concept had been a success.”

The restaurant is very close to my son’s home, so we can share the same love of cooking,” he continued.

Son nys father said that the family had decided to close the restaurant after just two years, but that they were planning to reopen it as a barbecue restaurant in 2018.

Sonnes son said his brother-in-law had been involved in the business for three years and had made the restaurant “a reality”.”

It was quite difficult, but we did it,” said sonnys son.

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