How to barbecue outdoors, with an expert

The first step is to choose your spot, whether it’s an outdoor barbecue spot or a backyard barbecue spot.

In either case, you’ll need to make sure the food is fresh, dry, and safe for the dogs.

This guide is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to find the right place to barbecue indoors.


Choose your spot When choosing your outdoor barbecue, you need to choose a location that’s safe and quiet.

“It’s a good idea to keep a large open area, but I like to keep it small,” Mr Breen says.

If you’re in a remote area, a bushfire-prone area or a location with strong winds and high temperatures, Mr Breens says it’s best to choose an area where you can find shade.

“If it’s sunny, we can have a bit of shade in our outdoor area.

But if the wind is coming through, it’s not ideal.”


Choose a location You need to find a location where you’re going to barbecue for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes.

Mr Breden says there’s no need to go too long without a barbecue.

“You can do a BBQ for a few hours and then go home,” he says.

You’ll also want to avoid outdoor areas with trees or shrubs because these can attract the critters that can cause issues with your dog.

Mr Smith says you’ll want to be mindful of your surroundings.

“I like to have a good view of the barbecue, but if you can see the dog that’s eating, you should probably get out of the way,” he said.


Choose the food Your barbecue will have to be safe for your dog and safe to eat, but Mr Bremen says that’s not the only thing to consider.

“Your dog should eat the food that’s being served,” he advises.

4. “

Be careful about whether the food comes out clean or not.”


Choosing a location There’s a lot of options when choosing an outdoor BBQ spot, but it’s important to make a decision on a safe and enjoyable spot for your pet.

“Most of our customers want to barbecue and they’re very happy to do so, so it’s easy to get stuck in,” Mr Smith said.

“But there are some areas where you need some advice.

If there’s not a tree or a bush, you might want to leave your dogs in the car, for example, or keep your distance.”


Clean up after your dogs When you’re ready to leave the BBQ, Mr Smith recommends having a dog groom it.

“As the dog is eating, the air gets sucked in and gets trapped,” he explains.

“This can cause the air to get soggy and the air around your dog getting sogier and sogger.

So if you leave your dog in the area, you can then remove any food that comes in contact with the dog and dispose of it in the trash.”

You can also check to make certain your dogs are fed well.

“They need to be fed properly to be healthy dogs,” Mr Sams said.

Mr SamS says you should always check to see if your dog is getting enough to eat.

“The more food you give your dog, the more it will eat,” he recommends.


Choices to make Before you start, make sure you’re prepared to deal with the weather.

Mr Kasten agrees.

“We’re in the tropics, so the weather can change in the days and weeks leading up to a barbecue,” he explained.

“With hot days, the humidity can rise as it does during hot weather.

So we do need to prepare ourselves.”

Mr Smith also recommends making sure your BBQ is on a well-ventilated surface.

“So if you’re cooking inside, you’ve got to make the most of that air and make sure your grill is up to standard,” he warns.

Mr Tuck says you can always make changes to your barbecue when the weather is warmer.

“Once it gets really hot, we’ve seen some dogs come back and do some damage to the grill,” he added.


Choosy outdoor rules When deciding whether to grill indoors, it helps to know some outdoor rules.

“There are certain rules that are just for your safety and comfort,” Mr Tink says.

“In the hot months, we don’t have as many rules in place.”

Mr Bresh agrees.

If it’s hot out, Mr Tinds recommends that dogs only eat what’s been properly prepared for them.

It’s important not to feed your dog anything that might be poisonous or contain dangerous substances, Mr Sam says.

Mr O’Brien says the best time to grill outdoors is on the day you’re planning your barbecue, so you’ll know if you have enough to feed the dogs and be able to provide them with a safe environment. “After

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