How to be a racist asshole in a Trump era

How do you make sure your white supremacist white friends and family never have to worry about the fact that your hateful, racist behavior will make them look bad?

Well, that’s exactly what the internet is saying.

It’s called #AltRight.

In an article for the far-right site The Daily Stormer, the author, David Duke, said the term is a way for white supremacists to “get the word out that we are not going anywhere.”

The article says the word means “white” in a very literal way.

The Daily Goon wrote:Duke is a former KKK grand wizard and current leader of the National Policy Institute, a far-left group that says it’s trying to revive the KKK.

He also used the term on Twitter.

It is indeed a term of endearment.

Duke’s organization’s president, Matthew Heimbach, also uses the term in his writing.

Duke’s tweet came as a new report emerged claiming the Southern Poverty Law Center has been working with the Trump administration on a plan to monitor and censor the alt-right movement.

The SPLC reported last week that the U.S. Department of Justice is working with several law enforcement and intelligence agencies to “counter violent extremism and promote civil rights and equality.”

The goal is to “target and destroy the violent and racist ideologies and actions of those who are trying to undermine the American way of life.”

It also called for “enhanced federal oversight of hate groups and the people who support them.”

The SPL reported that the department is “considering expanding the definition of hate group” to include white supremacists.

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