How to make your own BBQ chicken pizza

The easiest way to make BBQ chicken pizzas is to use a rotisserie chicken and bake them.

That’s the method the restaurant owner at this Kingsbury, Massachusetts, restaurant is using.

The owner says he uses a rotisher to cook the chicken to crisp and golden brown, and then uses a deep fryer to cook it.

The restaurant is one of the few in the Boston area that does this, and its a way to use fresh ingredients instead of using chicken from the grocery store.

The owner, Joe Smith, says he thinks it is healthier for you as well, since you’re eating a whole chicken instead of just one.

You can also roast the chicken in a deep pan to give it a slightly crispy exterior, or just throw it on a griddle or grill.

It’s up to you.

We decided to make our own.

And I really like how the chicken is cooked, he says.

You don’t need to be a culinary pro, but I think it’s good.

You can buy chicken at the store, or if you live in Boston, there are a couple of places like Pizzeria Bianco in Cambridge.