How to use a grill to make BBQ chicken marinate

BBQ chicken, a dish with a long history in India, is now a mainstay in Indian restaurants and barbecue circles.

This week, our friends at Cooking Light took a look at the secret sauce that goes into making grilled chicken in a skillet.

You may have already heard of it.

But how do you make it?

And, what does it take to get it right?

Here are five simple steps to get the barbecue chicken marinating right.


First, you need to find a good grill.

Some of the best barbecue chicken recipes have a base of a wooden box that’s built into a wood-burning grill, and they have a range of sizes, shapes and prices.

You can find good ones on Amazon.

But a wooden grill can be a little more difficult to find, and even more expensive than a barbecue pan, depending on how you go about the process.

To make sure you find a grill that’s good for you, we’ll be using a good one, which costs about $150 for the 2,000-square-foot unit, and a little less for the smaller units.


First step: Use a meat thermometer.

For our demonstration, we will be using the meat thermometers that come with most cookers.

But you can also use a meat-stove thermometer, which has a plastic probe that’s made of stainless steel and is cheaper.

Make sure the probe is the right size, and that the meat is not too hot.

You should be able to tell the difference between meat thermometres.


Once you’ve found a good thermometer and probe, add water.

You don’t want to add water when it’s still hot.

If you’re using a meat sear, the probe will heat up more quickly than a grill.

If the probe has been sitting around, you may have to add more water, or you may be able just to push it with your finger, as we did.

If not, wait a minute and start over.


Heat the water to about 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

The meat should still be on the flame.

Use the probe to check that it’s not too warm, and then gently heat it up to 400 degrees.

The heat will increase as it goes up. 5.

Remove the probe and place the meat in a paper towel-lined container.

You want to submerge it for about 10 seconds.

You’ll notice the skin has a crusty crust, but it won’t look quite as gross.

Use your fingers to gently break the skin.

If it doesn’t look gross, it’s good.

Once the skin is removed, you can discard it, or just put it back in the container.


Place the container on the grill.

You will notice that the lid is a little bit loose, so be careful.

It may take a few minutes to get all the water out.


The next step is to add the BBQ sauce.

We’re going to use the sauce made with coconut milk and vinegar.

To get a good consistency, the sauce should be thick and gooey.

The flavor is really subtle.

We recommend a 1:1 ratio of coconut milk to vinegar.


Add a little barbecue sauce and place in the lid.

It should be slightly sticky at first, but then will dissolve over time.

If your sauce looks too thick, add a little water, and it should take a little longer.

If too thick or too sticky, you might need to add a bit more sauce.


Next, add the chicken to the skillet.

We’ll use a chicken thigh, but you can use chicken thighs of any size, including chicken breasts.

We found that chicken thighs tend to have a nice, rich flavor.

If they’re too thin, the meat may turn mushy.

We also recommend using some chicken broth to make the sauce go down smoother.


Cook on high heat until the chicken is done.

It’s OK to let it rest for a few moments, but keep the lid off and make sure that the chicken hasn’t been exposed to the heat of the pan for too long.


If this is a dry skillet, just add some chicken stock to the sauce and the chicken will be ready to serve.


After the chicken has been done cooking, let it sit in the sauce for about 30 seconds.

This is the perfect time to add some BBQ sauce and some BBQ seasoning to the chicken.


Next we’ll stir in some chicken gravy.

We don’t recommend using liquid from the sauce or the chicken, but we think that a bit of chicken fat can really enhance the flavor.

We used a little butter and some smoked paprika, but any barbecue sauce will work.


After a few more minutes, turn off the heat and let the chicken sit for about 15 minutes.

If things are still dry, it may

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