‘It is better than eating’: India gets ‘delicious’ Barbecue Burger

India got the taste of the new millennium with a new, delicious version of its famous “barbecue steak”, according to local media.

Barbecue burgers are usually made from beef, but the new one is a completely different species.

It has been dubbed the “chili bong”, which means “bong” in Hindi, the national language of India.

“We are very proud of it, we are very excited, and we hope that this is going to become an Indian phenomenon,” said Rajesh, who opened his first restaurant at his home in Rajasthan’s Baroda district in March.

“The bong is made with Indian spices and has a lot of flavour.

It is a bit like the real thing, but it’s much better.”

The restaurant is called Nalayadit, or the chili bong.

It sells for $8 to $12 a piece.

“In India, we call them bong in Hindi,” Mr Rajesh said.

“It’s a real bong with a lot more flavour.

I think it is the best bong I’ve ever had.”

He also said the new version is more tender than the original version.

“I’m sure we will sell a lot, but if we don’t sell it, then we will never have a restaurant here,” he said.

Rajesh said the bong has been developed in India, but has been tested and certified in the US.

“When I first opened my restaurant, I said, ‘If it’s a good bong, we will do it here’,” he said, adding the bongs are already selling out in the streets.

“But now we have to find a way to bring this bong to India.”

The bongs come with a selection of spices.

Mr Rajeshel said the sauce was also made in India.

Barbie burger, made in ChinaBarbie Burger is one of the latest burgers that the chain has developed in China.

It’s one of more than a dozen burgers that have been introduced by the company.

The burgers have the iconic pink “P” on the side, and include a crispy bun topped with peanut butter, banana, tomato and mayo.

The Chinese company said the Chinese brand was the “best” of the three.

“They are the best and have the best flavour, and the best prices,” the company said in a statement.

“Our Chinese counterparts are making it in an Asian market that has been neglected in the West.”

Barbie said the burger had been developed by Chinese company Cipre.

“With the help of our experts and expertise in the fields of Chinese food and food science, we were able to develop a delicious burger that was also healthy, affordable and easy to prepare,” the firm said in the statement.

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