A look at the latest in the fight to save the iconic Washington BBQ Pit

The Washington BBQ pit in Alexandria, Virginia, was a landmark of the American south for decades, until a series of devastating hurricanes in the 1990s tore it down and destroyed the building.

Now, a team of engineers and a team from the nonprofit group Land Conservancy is taking on another historic project to save one of America’s most iconic buildings: The Washington barbecue pit.

The group plans to open the building up to the public in 2018 and to begin construction on a restaurant that will serve barbecue to diners at the historic structure.

For many, the Washington BBQ pits were a place to get a quick meal and a place where people could relax and watch TV on a Sunday afternoon.

But they also served a valuable function in the development of the city.

They were used for cooking and preparing food and they were a popular place for children to play and relax.

A number of other buildings along the Washington Beltway, such as the old Washington Post building in Silver Spring, Maryland, have also been torn down and replaced with new residential buildings.

But the Washington barbecue pits remain a fixture in the Washington community and have been a part of the landscape of the nation’s capital since the Civil War.

In fact, the building was designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright in his 1880s style.

The Washington, D.C., skyline is dominated by the Washington Street entrance to the Washington, DC, city.

It was the Washington restaurant where Thomas Jefferson served the first of his many meals at the Washington Grill and the Washington Fire Department’s first fire station.

The firehouse and the fire station served the neighborhood of the Washington neighborhood from 1877 until the late 1880s.

In 1875, the city had just received the first National Guard train and the town was on its way to becoming a thriving metropolis.

The city was also preparing to host the centennial of the United States, a historic event that was to take place in the city in 2021.

The Centennial Exhibition was set to open in early 1877, but due to a series on the future of the Smithsonian Institution, the exposition was postponed.

The Centennial Exposition had been planned to take over two blocks of the street between 10th and 11th streets in Washington, but the Centennial Station was not built until 1878.

By then, the restaurant was already closed.

In late January of 1878, the firemen of the station were preparing to go to work when the fire started and they feared that they might lose their lives.

They rushed to the fire and fought the flames for about 15 minutes before the fire was put out.

The fire, which caused about $2,000 in damage, was extinguished quickly by the firefighters and a number of buildings were repaired.

But by the end of 1879, the fires had destroyed many of the buildings and damaged many more.

The building that now sits at the intersection of 13th and 14th streets was originally a tavern owned by John P. Withers.

It was originally located on the west side of Washington Street between Ninth and Tenth streets.

In 1915, a group of the Wither family moved to the block, where they built the Washington Barbecue Grill, located on a street that was already busy at the time.

The bar was one of the first in the area to offer barbecue and was known as “the city’s oldest” place of entertainment.

After the fire, the tavern was completely demolished and the bar was left as a parking lot.

A large section of the brick exterior of the building had been torn away, revealing an open space with the bar, a barber shop and other buildings.

By the time of the demolition, it was known that the fire had been started in the restaurant and it was feared that many of those who lived and worked in the neighborhood had been killed in the fire.

The destruction of the bar had devastated the neighborhood.

In the 1970s, when the Washington bar was rebuilt, the old building had become a parking garage and the surrounding neighborhood was still suffering from the effects of the fires.

In 1980, the new owner of the site was trying to save as much of the historic building as he could, but he had to remove a lot of the structures because they were in poor shape.

So, a lot more structures were demolished, including the old tavern.

By 1992, the structure was complete and was being used for a parking space, which was the only thing that the old bar offered in terms of food.

The restaurant was open, but was still in the process of being rebuilt, and the old restaurant itself was not a part for more than a decade.

Over the past 30 years, several historic preservation organizations have come together to try and save the building and make it a place for people to enjoy the place.

The effort began in 2012 when the American Historic Preservation Act (AHPRA) was passed and became the only major legislation that addressed historic preservation in the United Sates.

In September of 2017

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