Barbecue food is here to stay

Barbecue is back.

It is here for another two years.

It is also the biggest food trend in the United States, according to the latest data from Nielsen.

The food trend, first reported in 2015, is now the biggest in the country, Nielsen said.

It’s also the most significant food trend to reach record-high numbers.

The Food and Drug Administration has not yet released a list of food trends, but Nielsen said it includes many of the trends reported on the National Restaurant Association’s website.

According to the National Retail Federation, more than 1.5 million restaurants were in business in 2016, according the data.

The report, released Wednesday, shows the number of restaurants that sold more than $1 billion in food sales rose to 890,000, up from 782,000 in 2015.

The number of U.S. restaurants that sell more than 10 million meals, which includes the sale of frozen meals, rose to 2,037,000.

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