BBQ: Philippines gets its first international barbecue contest in 15 years

A competition to host the first Philippine barbecue competition in 15 decades has been held in the Philippines.

The competition, known as Filipino BBQ, will take place from November 7 to November 17.

The Philippine BBQ Society will take part in the competition with a selection of local products and cooking methods, including the traditional style of Filipino barbecue.

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, a representative for the Philippines BBQ Society said that the competition is an attempt to revive the Philippines’ image abroad.

The Philippines is home to more than 400 ethnic groups including the Maori, Quezon and Tagalog.

The country has a rich culinary heritage, and barbecue is one of the country’s cultural staples.

The contest was created by Filipino barbecue master and chef Antonio Bautista, who has worked in restaurants in the United States, Italy and Australia.

Bautistas son, Antonio B, is the president of the Philippine BBQ society.

“I want to encourage the Filipino people to enjoy the traditional barbecue style of cooking and to celebrate the heritage of the Filipinos,” Bautasio said.

Bautista said the Filipino barbecue society hopes to use the competition as a way to promote the country as a barbecue destination.

“The Filipino barbecue tradition is very important in the culture of the Philippines, and we have to continue to grow it and promote it.

We also have to use this opportunity to get the Philippines to know about the world,” Bambos son said.

“And we can do this by bringing the Filipina barbecue culture back to the country.”

The Philippines, which was officially independent from the Philippines in 1972, has been the epicenter of Filipino cuisine since the early 1800s.

The most famous Filipino restaurant, El Maligno, is still in business today.

More to come

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