“Bubba” barbecue at the Full Moon BBQ sandwich: What’s the deal?

“Bubbacab” barbecue, the barbecue sandwich that is the most famous among the black community in Washington state, has been the subject of debate ever since the restaurant opened its doors in 2012.

Some of the most prominent voices on the topic have said that the sandwich is racially insensitive and is a “racist” way to express the barbecue flavor.

In a recent Facebook post, the restaurant’s owners, Dan and Cindy Riddell, responded to these accusations with a post that reads in part, “We are proud of our history of being a welcoming place where people of all backgrounds and religions can gather for fellowship.

This is what we stand for.”

Riddll also wrote, “Our black guests feel safe, welcomed and welcomed.

We will never, ever discriminate.”

According to the Washington Post, however, the sandwich has not been able to garner the kind of critical acclaim it deserved.

The Post said that “Bubs” is often called “the most controversial barbecue restaurant in Washington,” citing the lack of diversity on the restaurant team.

Riddsell told the Post, “The fact that we have had to constantly defend our business to the general public and have to defend our employees to the press is just insane.”

In a response to the Post’s article, the Riddells said they had a “great” working relationship with the newspaper, but added, “In our business we always work towards making our business better.”

However, the couple said they did not have a problem with the Post article, saying they were “a proud and proud owner of the restaurant” and that “the press should be happy with our response.”

In the past, the pair has defended their restaurant and said that they would continue to do so.

In the latest comments to the blog post, they wrote, “…

I don’t see why we can’t do a little more to ensure our patrons feel safe and welcomed at our barbecue restaurant.

And we will continue to offer a wonderful menu that includes our popular B-bobs.”

In March, the Post reported that the couple was sued by a group of former employees who said that in 2013, they were fired from the restaurant for refusing to serve customers who were black.

In their response, the owners defended the restaurant, saying, “While we cannot comment on any ongoing litigation, we do feel strongly that we must offer our guests the best possible barbecue experience.”

[The Washington Post]

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