How to make a dreamland barbecue pit

I can make a barbecue pit in my mind, or a dream world in my head.

A dream world is the place where my brain and body are separate, but the same person can both live in a dreamworld.

This is a bit of a stretch.

The problem with a dream state is that you cannot really experience anything.

If you go into a dream and have no idea what’s going on, you’re probably going to wake up feeling completely lost and confused.

When you sleep, you are dreaming, but your brain can’t process what’s happening in the dream world.

You might wake up thinking about your favourite movie or a song, but that’s because you are thinking about what’s on your mind, not what you are experiencing.

Imagine yourself as a person who’s just arrived in your dreamworld and is in total isolation.

All you know is that everything you’ve been doing all day has now become irrelevant, so you are just sitting in a place where there are no other people around.

In that moment, you can’t really interact with anyone else.

That’s where the idea of a dream pit comes in.

Instead of having to remember the details of your dream, you could just imagine a pit, and imagine that it’s your imagination that has taken over and filled it with all sorts of delicious food.

For example, a pit of mashed potatoes, with some kind of gravy.

Or a big, thick sausage, with a sauce made from a kind of sausage called baklava.

Then you would just put it in a big frying pan, cover it with some water, and cook it up.

Now imagine a friend of yours who is in a very similar state to you. 

They’re both in a completely different world, so they don’t know each other very well.

They have completely different memories, and there’s no way to talk to them.

So they just sit there and watch you fry up their own food.

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