How to make the best BBQ Chicken Sandwich in the world

I know this is probably the hardest question for many of you, but I’m here to help.

We’re talking about making the best barbecue chicken in the universe.

But I also know this one can be really hard to find.

So, I’m gonna try my best to make it easy on you.

You can’t just go to a supermarket, go to any restaurant, go online or even a BBQ chicken store and get a barbecue chicken, right?

That’s just not how we do it.

So I’m going to go through and show you how to make BBQ chicken sandwich, which is my absolute favorite food in the entire world.

But don’t let that fool you.

I’m just gonna tell you how I make it.

You don’t need to do anything other than go through the video, and then we’ll go through all the steps.

The secret is to get it to come together right in the beginning.

It should look like a sandwich.

But it shouldn’t.

Here’s how to do it right.

The first step is to remove the ribs.

You’ll notice I removed them from the side.

That’s because I want the meat to get crispy and tender, which means it should be super tender, but still fall apart.

So don’t do it until you’ve removed the ribs and are ready to cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces.

You want the ribs to fall apart as they cook.

The other thing you want to do is make sure the chicken is really juicy.

You’re not going to want the chicken to be too dry, which can make it tough.

It’s not good.

It needs to be really juicy, which will give it that crisp, crispy crust that we’re talking of.

Next, you want the wings.

It makes a huge difference.

Because if you get the ribs in the wrong place, you’re gonna get a little bit of a crispy crust.

And the wing tip, you can do it on one side and the other side.

And then, on the top, you have to do a little trick to make sure that you’re cutting evenly and evenly, and that you get that perfect amount of fat.

The bottom is all about the ribs, because they’re going to give you the most tender skin.

The wings have to be juicy.

The most tender part of the chicken.

And on top, I want them to be crispy and crisp, because the wings have a nice crust.

That’ll give them a little more of that crunch.

Then, you need to make a hole in the bottom of the sandwich.

I use the meat-pile.

That works because the meat comes out of the bones, so you can make sure it’s completely flat.

If you’re not sure, just go ahead and make it as big as you can.

Then you just need to get a grill.

Because you can use the back of a meat grinder to make those, or you can just put a grill pan in the oven.

The second thing is to make your chicken.

This is what I do, and this is what everyone else does.

The meat comes from the shoulder and from the rib bones, which are pretty easy to get from your butcher.

I make sure to make my meat pretty good by slicing it into the meatiest pieces, so it’s a little meatier than you’d get from a restaurant.

But if you’re going for a little extra tenderness, I’d probably go with some more bone-in chicken because that’s the way it’s done in the back, and the meat is just so tender.

Next comes the sauce.

This should be a little creamy.

And it should taste good.

If it’s not, you’ll want to change it up a little.

You might want to use a little less butter and more cream, but that’s what the chicken came from, so go with what you think is best.

And finally, I have to tell you about the sauce itself.

This one is easy.

It comes from your local grocery store.

It doesn’t have to come from the butcher, but it does have to taste good, and it does need to be a light brown color.

It does need a little smoke to really bring out the flavor, but you don’t want it to be overpowering.

Then it’s pretty easy.

I don’t even need to peel it, you just cut the skin off and throw it in the fridge.

If the skin isn’t good, just toss it in a little oil and let it sit for a while.

It’ll look pretty good for a couple of hours.

Once it’s all nice and golden, it’s ready to serve.

And that’s how I eat my barbecue chicken.

It tastes like the real thing.

So grab your grill, grab your chicken, and get ready to make some great barbecue chicken sandwiches!

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