How to roast a pig at home: How to get the best results and save money

I am not a professional butcher.

But I can roast a chicken, pork, beef, and pork shoulder at home, and I’ve made a pretty good living doing it.

The secret is to get a good, clean, well-mixed pan.

I find that most of my pork and chicken recipes come from the freezer section of the butcher shop.

If I’m not able to buy it on the shelf, I usually find it online.

I also keep a good stock pile on hand.

For some reason, I am a big fan of sausages.

My favorite sausage is a little bit spicy.

And I’m partial to the pork belly, which comes in a variety of shapes.

You can also roast turkey with bacon, or roast beef.

When you’re ready to roast the meat, I like to roast it in a heavy cast iron skillet that I use for this.

Because it has to be a good pan, I have a cast iron grill pan on hand to keep it nice and hot.

I’ll let you know if I use one of those on this blog.

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