How does a chain of restaurants in Singapore compare to other chains?

A chain of McDonald’s restaurants in Southeast Asia is on a roll and the number of outlets has more than doubled over the last two years, as the fast food giant is trying to grow its market share in the country.

Khoi BBQ, which opened its first outlet in Hong Kong in September 2017, has become one of the biggest restaurants in the region, with more than 5,000 outlets across the country and a total of nearly 2.6 million meals served annually.

Its flagship restaurant, Parkers BBQ, is one of those outlets, with a capacity of 2,000 seats.

Its menu is simple and classic, with chicken wings and burgers on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes.

It is also a popular place to grab a drink, which is available from a bar.

The chain has also opened a second outlet in Singapore in September 2018.

This outlet is a branch of another restaurant chain, the Bao Bang Bao Restaurant Group, and it has the same menu.

It opened its third outlet in Malaysia in October 2017, which it opened in partnership with an old-school Korean restaurant chain.

It has a similar menu, but the dishes are more in line with the more recent McDonald’s offerings.

Its expansion in the Asia-Pacific region is also helping it grow its business.

It now has about 20 outlets in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

The chain has expanded to Singapore, Vietnam and Singaporean shores as well.

It expects to have 10 to 12 outlets by the end of the year.KHoi BBQ’s growth is a result of its expanding menu, which includes new and classic dishes.

It also has its own signature sauce that has become a favourite of Singaporean diners.

Khi is also known for its high quality of food, which the chain has said is one reason why it has been able to grow so fast.

It uses traditional cooking techniques, including roasting meat, grilling chicken, steaming vegetables and making a smoothie.

The food is also served with a choice of sauces and toppings, and the chain says that the menu offers a diverse range of flavours and textures.

The chains success has also allowed it to expand into other countries, with Thailand now being the main destination for its customers.

Khi’s success is also making the chain a household name, with customers flocking to the restaurant for a meal.

Khao, the eldest son of a retired businessman, is also keen on expanding the chain.

His father is also one of his closest confidants.

In April, the son-in-law opened his first outlet at the same location in Kuala Lumpur, in a joint venture with a Singaporean restaurant chain called Parkers.

The new outlet has now added another branch in the capital, with the aim of doubling the number and size of its outlets by 2020.

Khaa is also investing in expanding its restaurant footprint across the Asia Pacific region, including in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

It aims to open more restaurants in other countries by the middle of the decade.

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