How to make the best BBQ side dishes at leon and danielle’s barbecue

Leon and Danielle’s Barbecue has been serving up some seriously tasty barbecue for the past few years.

Now, they’re expanding to include a new side dish: Honey BBQ Chips.

The concept is simple: take a bite out of the barbeque side dishes (a la the Honey Mustard Barbecue Sauce) and serve up a bite of honey BBQ Chips with some honey-flavored BBQ sauce.

And don’t forget the sweet honey BBQ sauce, too!

The idea is simple, but it sounds super delicious.

Leon told Eater that the idea started with the fact that he and his family were having a lot of trouble getting enough meat for the pork ribs.

So, he and Danielle wanted to make BBQ side dish.

This was something that had been on their radar for a long time and the idea was born.

And they’re not just expanding their BBQ side offerings with Honey BBQ, they’ve also been offering other side dishes including Honey BBQ Sauce, Honey Mustards, Honey Butter and Honey BBQ Ribs.

This new Honey BBQ Chip concept is just the first in what they hope will be a larger menu that includes BBQ sauce for more items.

You can find Honey BBQ chips at their main location at 624-924-6247, on their website at, and in the Applebee’s section of the app.

They’re open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and the bar is open daily, so you can find out when their next barbecue menu is up.

Read more about Leon & Danielle’s barbequeback at

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