NHL, Charcoal, BBQ to return in 2017-18

NHL officials and players have said they plan to return to the charcoal barbecue genre for the first time since the lockout in the 2017-2018 season.

The league has not made any firm decisions on the future of the charcoal, but there have been hints that the team could start again in some form.

The league did not announce a timeline for returning to the style.

The NHL, which had previously used charcoal to grill burgers, pulled out of the business in 2011 after the NHL instituted the new two-year window for players to participate in the league’s collective bargaining agreement.

The NHL said that if the two-way agreement had been in place, the league would have continued to offer the sport as a job opportunity.

In its most recent report to the owners, the owners called for the NHL to resume the charcoal style in 2018, with players having the opportunity to try the new method for the second time.

The report did not specify when the league could return to charcoal.

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