Walmart barbecue pits offer customers ‘more fun than anything’

Walmart is offering customers barbecue pits, a convenience that is a lot more fun than the usual burger and fries.

In addition to its large size and relatively cheap price tag, the new Walmart barbecue pit features a built-in TV, a built in grill and a remote control that can be operated remotely.

The company also said that customers will be able to take a photo of their family, then share it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #baconpit.

According to a video posted on the company’s website, customers will also be able set their own timers for the barbecue pit.

But while this feature is great for family gatherings, it’s not as fun for the average customer.

“We know that customers love seeing their family photos and sharing them on social media, so we’ve also designed our barbecue pit to help them capture the best moments of their day,” Walmart spokesperson Kelly Wills told The Washington Post.

“That way, you can share it with your family and friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and it’s easy to share with anyone you choose.”

The company said that the grill also provides additional features like heat settings and a built‑in timer.

But the BBQ Pit is still $25 less than a traditional burger and a slice of pizza, and it only provides the same amount of fun.