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A new study has shown that a whopping 92% of UK barbecued beef is adulterated with other ingredients.

A team from the University of Birmingham found that just 5% of beef was actually adulterating with other meat or oils, while just 2% was adulteration with bacteria.

A further 5% was actually safe.

Dr. Peter Lomax, lead author of the study, said the findings were a “wake up call” for consumers.

“Our findings suggest that adulterants are more likely to occur during the curing process, when beef is cooked, and that consumers should be aware of this potential risk,” Dr. Lomak told Business Insider.

“People have a right to know if their food is being adulterate, especially if the food is prepared with a lot of other ingredients, such as herbs and spices, and has a history of safety issues.”

The adulterant content of beef in this study is not as high as it could be, as it is unlikely that this amount of other potentially adulterous ingredients were used to prepare the beef.

“He added that it was important to educate consumers about this potential adulterancy risk.”

We need to know how the beef has been treated and where the potential adulters may have come from,” he said.”

This can help consumers make informed decisions on whether to buy beef.

“Dr. Lotman’s team tested meat samples from the UK and the US and also looked at barbecuing beef in France, Australia and Germany.

They found that the UK had the highest level of adulteracy.

However, the team also found that there were different types of adulters in each country.”

There are different types [of adultera] that are less likely to be present in UK beef,” said Dr. Peter.”

For example, when we look at samples from France, we find that around 15% of the samples were adulterates from meat sourced from the European market, but just 3% of samples were from the US.

“This study comes after a spate of recent food safety scares, including the recall of some chicken in the US, a recall of baby food in Australia, and the recall and replacement of a popular chicken soup in Canada.”

It is clear that food safety is at the top of people’s minds these days, and this study highlights the importance of taking precautions when preparing food and preparing your own home,” said Daniel Clements, a senior food safety researcher at the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.”

With our growing knowledge on the importance for consumers and the importance food safety plays in society, it is important that we all work together to ensure the best food is safe for our families and friends.

“The researchers said that they are not looking for any particular brand of adultor, but rather looking at the types of ingredients used in each meat product.”

So, in this case, we have a mixture of different types, and what this shows is that people should be very cautious when choosing products from the supermarket, especially when there are potentially high levels of adultration in the meat,” Dr Lomay said.

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