When you need a little help cooking, here’s how to cook for your family, says keto author

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating a plate of fried chicken or mashed potatoes with a side of homemade BBQ sauce, you know how addictive it is.

Now, it seems, a new breed of keto cookbook has made its way to shelves, too, and it’s no different than the previous iterations of the popular recipe.

The new book, Keto Chef, by the prolific Ketogenic Chef, is a collection of recipes that are all the rage in the keto community.

Its creator, Sarah Pacheco, is the author of the blog The Keto Cookbook and the popular online book The Ketonaut. 

As you might expect, Ketonauts is an excellent guide to the ketogenic diet, and is a must-have for anyone looking to get started. 

You can find a list of recipes here.

But what makes it special is that it offers up all of its recipes in a single book.

This is a refreshing change, since so many recipes on the internet are full of hundreds of variations and options.

Sarah says the book aims to be a great starting point for anyone wanting to get into keto.

“We were looking for a way to get our cookbook out there without having to spend months or even years trying to get recipes in front of a real-world audience,” she says. 

Sarah says she came up with the idea for the book when she had just returned from a year in the UK, where she’d had a fantastic time.

“I had a lot of fun and really learned a lot about the ketosis process,” she recalls.

“The idea of a ketogenic cookbook was a great way to do that.”

Sarah has been writing for about five years and has written hundreds of recipes, so it was natural for her to get a bit ahead of herself.

“I had already started a blog, and the blog was really good for getting people familiar with the ketosystem,” she explains.

“But it’s very hard to keep up with all the recipes.

Ketonauts was launched in February 2017, and features recipes from the ketolins and keto recipes on The Ketic Cookbook. “

I didn’t know if I was going to have the time to do it, so I went to my friend [Sarah] and asked if we could work together to make it happen.”

Ketonauts was launched in February 2017, and features recipes from the ketolins and keto recipes on The Ketic Cookbook.

Sarah explains:”The keto diet is really interesting because there are so many different variations of the diet, but there’s one thing that everybody is doing and it all fits together very neatly.”

So if you’re on the ketone diet, you can go out and get a whole batch of ketones from a chemist, and then you can do a keto dinner with all of those ketones.

“Sarah started by making her own ketones, and found it incredibly easy to do.”

A lot of people just say to me, ‘I just want to get rid of the carbs,’ but I know that is really a bad thing, because if you are on the carbs, you will just get tired.

“It’s very important to have enough ketones in your diet to get through the day, so when I get to work I take them with me.”

Sarah then made her own fats, which she says are the key ingredient for keto success. 

The Ketonals fats are a combination of fatty acids, including stearic acid and palmitic acid, which are essential for fat burning and insulin resistance. 

I’ve always been fascinated by the way ketones interact with fats, Sarah says.

“Ketonals have been around for about 150 years, and I’ve always had a fascination with how they work. 

But I had never been really interested in the effects of fats on ketones.”

When I got this idea to use fats to make ketones and then ketones with ketones as a fat, I thought, ‘This is it’.

“The more I got into it, I realised that there was a lot more going on.””

For a long time I thought that I was just going to get the fatty acids and then get the ketonols out of it,” she admits.

“The more I got into it, I realised that there was a lot more going on.”

My idea is that the fatty acid molecules bind to the enzymes that the ketons are made up of.

“This allows the ketonic products to bind to your liver, and you end up with ketone bodies.”

And if you do this, then the ketonal products are able to cross into your bloodstream and convert to the fat that is stored as ketones within your body.

“Sarah says that when she was first trying to make the ketoprofuels, she didn’t realise how important fatty acids were

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