baked barbecue chicken

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How does South Korean barbecue cook?

On the outskirts of Seoul, in a narrow alleyway of the city’s historic shopping district, is a small cafe.The owner, a bearded man in his 60s, is talking about barbecue.He has never seen an Asian barbecue grill before.The meat...

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How to cook a grilled chicken

When it comes to barbecue chicken, you can’t go wrong with the best-selling Wagyu Wagyu Pork Ribeye or Wagyu Kobe Wagyu Ham and Gizzard, both of which can be purchased in supermarkets or restaurants.They are made with the finest...

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How to make crispy chicken with sweet and tangy bacon, and sweet and sour cream (with recipe)

The word “dinner” in this article is from the German word “tumlle,” meaning “dessert.”(The German word means “to take in.”)In this recipe, you will get crispy chicken in a crunchy crust, and a tart, sweet and salty barbecue sauce.I...

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How to Cook Your Own BBQ Chicken

In this edition of BBQ Chicken, we’ll look at cooking your own barbecue chicken.In this first installment, we’re going to learn how to cut the chicken to size and how to keep the inside moist.Next, we will show you...

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